Shark Air Purifier 4 VS 6 2023

The Shark Air purifier 4 vs 6 is a description of two air cleaners with air purifiers that have the ability to handle large spaces of over 1000 sq. ft. easily.

The advanced filters are guaranteed to give you full service for the period from when you purchase them. It also has washable and replaceable filters which make the air purifier more economical and relatable to anyone.

Shark Air Purifier 4 VS 6

The high-speed fans provide a better clean air delivery rate and constantly maintain clean air quality as long as it is on. They evenly distribute airflow from the moving air causing an all-around service.

Shark air purifier 6 vs 4

Comparisons of the shark air purifier 6 vs 4 are important to help you understand why you would choose one over the other.

The two air cleaners are very neat and powerful. They are fitted with specifications that assure you of great and long service.

Shark air purifier 6Shark air purifier 4
Square foot coverage12001000
Filter efficiency99.97%99.98%
Filter TypeNano seal filter together with the True Hepa filterNano seal filter together with the True Hepa filter
Fan number64
TechnologyClean sense IQClean sense IQ
Noise level6358
Size17.01 x 8.9 x 32.01 inches17 x 8.9 x 24.29 inches
Weight20 pounds17.92 pounds
Power levels8067
Priced levels$449$349
Check on AmazonCheck on Amazon

Shark air purifier 4 review

Shark air purifier (4) review is important in helping you understand all sides to it and why it is one of the simplest yet most loved air cleaners in the purifier industry today.


Shark Air Purifier 4 VS 6

This Shark brand is a great air purifier which is a charcoal grey gadget that is 17 x 8.9 x 24.29 inches in size and 17.92 pounds in weight. It comes with remote control.

Accompanied with it are 4 high-speed micro fans that are said to allow the purifier to work in larger rooms of 1000 sq. ft. easily. Ideally, it means that it has a better CADR reading than other air purifiers.

It has a clean sense IQ technology that measures the air quality and gives you complete control. If it goes low, it will adjust to being able to clean the air faster and better.

The Shark 4 has an anti-allergen Hepa multi-filter comprising of a Nano seal filter together with the True hepa filter that cleans the air off 99.98% of the airborne allergens and tiny particles in the air.

There is an advanced odor guard which holds off any household smells including cooking smells and scents from the products that are being used in the home.


  • It is fitted with the clean sense IQ technology
  • It has advanced odor guards for those stubborn smells


  • It is not very mobile because of its size.
  • It is useless for small size rooms

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Shark HE400 Anti-Allergen Hepa, with Advanced Odor Lock

Shark air purifier 4 review

The anti-allergen hepa filter protects and cleans out 99.98% of the dust, smoke and odours in the air. The heightened odor protection filter guard ensures that you are protected from any smells and advanced odor in your house for over 6 months up to but not limited to 12 months. These HE400 filters can be fitted into one of the 4-fan models.

Shark air purifier 4 with true hepa filter

Shark air purifier 4 with True hepa filters has a longer anti-allergen multi-filter whose filter life is better because of its ability to handle dust, fumes lock, advanced odor and all the particles in the air.

Its touch controls and easy-to-use remote are also very effective in their general functioning depending on the particulate matter rate that it has.


Shark air purifier 4 with true hepa filter

The HP102 Shark model is a new shark air purifier that is 8.66 x 8.66 x 14.56 inches in size and 5.85 pounds in weight. It is powered by corded electric power. It uses pure air micro force purification which is more pronounced than the others. It however only covers room spaces of 500 sq. ft.

The nano seal anti-allergen multi-filter together with the true hepa filter works against particles up to 99.98% of the large, small and micro-sized those are usually found in the air.

It has an auto mode tracker that detects air pollution levels including advanced odor. It infuses micro ban which reduces bacteria in the air and is in turn left on the hepa filters. This micro ban antimicrobial is for the benefit of the air puffier and not necessarily the users.


  • It is smaller in size hence more mobile
  • It has an auto mode that makes your work easier
  • Despite its size, its CADR is higher than the others of its size.


  • It only covers smaller-sized rooms compared to the other shark 4 models.

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Shark air purifier 4 replacement filters

Shark air purifier 4 replacement filters are anti-allergen hepa filters that work to repair broken air quality features by taking care of fumes lock, advanced odor lock, activated carbon pellets and particulate matter that is found in the air.


Shark air purifier 4 replacement filters

The Jorair HE400 replacement model is a shark air purifier 4replacement filter that is very common in the market today. It is even possible for you not to find it unless you preorder. It weighs 2.09 pounds and has a size of 18.42 x 17.17 x 1.85 inches.

It is a premium H13 true Hepa filter that can be used in any of the Shark 4 air purifier models. It also has the prefilter and activated carbon filter, making it a 3-stage filtration option against pet odor, other advanced odor and household fumes.


  • Despite shark air purifier 6 vs 4 differences, it is compatible with either of them.


  • It is often out of stock making you wait before they do a restock.

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How much is a shark air purifier

Shark air puffers vary depending on the model and the number of fans that it has. So for you to know how much a shark purifier is you will have to keep accounting for such things.

However, when it comes to Shark 4 models you will get them ranging from $200 to $300 depending on the exact model you want.

Shark air purifier 6 reviews

The shark air purifier 6 reviews if for one of the bigger options of the shark air purifier models. With this one, you get a more powerful air purifier that offers clean air and handles bigger spaces, uses more power and even has a front display screen on many of them compared to the shark 4 models.

Shark air purifier review

61SiXXJe8KS. AC SL1500

This shark 6 model is 17.01 x 8.9 x 32.01 inches in size and 20 pounds in weight which makes it a heavy and big machine to have in your house. You can power it either by using AC or DC power options cutting down on the electricity costs. There is an included remote control in the package.

The Shark air purifier 6 has a 6 fan airflow system with six high-speed fans which gives it maximum speed to fulfil its purpose and work on advanced odor quickly.

It has a multi-filter purifier that includes the genuine hepa filters which are anti-allergen filters that work with all the dust, dander, allergens and smoke in the air making it per the hepa standards.

In the Shark air purifier 6 reviews, the auto mode and display panel notices when the air quality has been corrupted and when it is cleaned. It then adjusts itself to work with the air at that time with the easy-to-use system controls.


  • You can use either AC or DC power for it.
  • It has auto mode to help you control the quality of the air.
  • It covers large coverage areas easily with its advanced filtration system.


  • It is a large air cleaner making it immobile
  • Their large sizes mean they are noisier compared to the other air purifiers available.

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Shark air purifier 6 filter

The shark air purifier 6 filters have to be compatible with the model that you are using. You have the option of choosing the shark filter or the Ecleanfy filter for your air purifier. They both work overtime to ensure those seasonal allergies are long gone.


Shark air purifier 6 filter

The Shark air purifier 6 HE6 filters are functional and easy to use since they are anti-allergens advanced Hepa multi filters and include carbon filters that act as heightened odor protection guards in the filters against household odors.

This is completely in line with the hepa filtration standards that it is supposed to follow. They are used for the H601 and HE602 fan models in the market.


  • It is the official replacement filter for the shark 6 models
  • It is slightly smaller which makes it more convenient.


  • It does not have the advanced odor lock

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The Ecleanfy Hepa filter is a compatible option for the Shark air purifier 6 models of air purifiers. They weigh 3.29 pounds and are 25.8 x 15.1 x 1.75 inches in size. It has the H13 true HE601 filter that allows it to clean air of the 99.97% of the airborne allergens.

This Shark air purifier 6 filter whose activated carbon layer protects by removing any smells and VOCs from the air using the advanced odor locks as per the hepa filtration standards. The effectiveness of this filter is maintained by replacing it after every 6 months.


  • It has an advanced odor lock in its carbonated filter
  • It is the best option to consider when you can’t access the shark air replacement filter on the market.


  • It is slightly bigger and makes it inconvenient to some extent.
  • It is not the official replacement option though it still works perfectly.

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Shark air purifier Best Alternatives

There are some shark air purifier alternatives in the market today are air cleaners that you should be aware of. Such air purifiers are as effective and easy to work with.

For you to choose the one that serves you best, make sure you keep in mind the size, the square footage and the availability of the compatible replacement filters to offer clean air for your home.

Hathaspace Smart AIR PURIFIER

Shark air purifier Best Alternatives

Hathaspace Air Purifier is a 16.54 x 9.45 x 27.17 inches and 26 Pounds air purifier that works the same way as the Shark Air purifiers. It has a 5-in-1 filter system with the H13 HEPA filters system that works on 99.97% of the air particles.

As part of the purifier, you will get a true Hepa composite filter and a washable filter that directly serves the air intake. It has a honeycomb activated carbon filter that attracts all the odors, VOCs and smoke from the air. It is fitted with state of an art fan and motor.

It has a digital display with a top control panel that has the filter life button that shows the remaining filter life and the air info in real-time. Its advanced protection system detects the pollutants in the air and adjusts the fan speed levels accordingly to ensure the air quality is good all the time.


  • It has the 5-in-1 filter system
  • It has the washable filters that you clean monthly
  • It does not make a lot of noise despite its size.


  • It is big and large which could be a problem moving around.

Alen 45i Air Purifier

Alen 45i Air Purifier

The Espresso Alen Air Purifier is a great Shark Air Purifier alternative that is 15 x 8.5 x 25 inches in size and 23 pounds in weight. Its size and design allow you to fit it in any room in the house despite the design that you could be having at that time.

It works with the B4 pure filter system together with a medical-grade H13 true hepa that works to capture 99.99% of the dust, allergens, pollen, advanced odor, fur and pet dander in the air. Therefore all the bacteria, aerosolized viruses and airborne particles are cleaned from the air.

It has been fitted with the laser smart sensor that is known to detect air pollution levels, which auto-adjusts power adjusting the air quality defense effectively.


  • It has a classic design that will not cash with your room theme.
  • It has a laser smart sensor that helps with the controls.


  • It is not mobile because of its size and weight.

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Alen 75i air purifier

Alen 75i air purifier

Alen 75i Air purifier is 12 x 19 x 27 inches in size and 21 pounds in weight. It is the best option when it comes to large rooms and open spaces. It has the B7 pure filter that is known to work against asthma and allergy triggers in the air.

It has noise levels of 25db which ensures that you get great sleep quality and you won’t even smell the advanced odor.

It cleans over 1300 sq. ft. every 30 minutes which makes it good for large room spaces. It has been fitted with the pink soothing noise that is silent enough to allow you to sleep better and of more quality than other times.


  • It covers bigger room spaces compared to the others.
  • It has relatively low noise levels of 25db.
  • It has the B7 pure filters


  • It is bigger in size compared to the shark models.
  • It may not be very available because of its high demand.

Azeus Air Purifier

Azeus Air Purifier

The Azeus white air purifier is a great option that is 13.8 x 7.1 x 18.3 inches in size and 14.24 pounds in weight. It has a centrifugal wheel design that allows space for stronger airflow for room spaces of 1080 sq. ft.

It has the allowance of UV light and an ionic generator that helps to keep the air fresh and clean. Its advanced odor lock ensures that even household fumes, pet hair and advanced odors are no longer an issue. It has 360 aerodynamic air intakes and the 3-fan speed options, timer, nighttime, and 5-in-1 filtration to clean 99.97% of the air particles

It changes color on the display depending on the air quality of the room that you are in. When the quality drops, it will automatically adjust to suit you without you having to use the remote control. The Ultra-quiet, sleep mode and Low energy consumption ensure that it is economical


  • It covers almost the same room spaces as most of the others.
  • It works with UV light and an ionic generator.
  • It has the 360 aerodynamic air intake
  • It is fitted with a 5-in-1 filtrations system


  • It cannot cover more than 1080 sq. ft of room space.

Does Shark air purifier work on mold?

Mold itself on the surface cannot be removed by air purifiers or an air cleaner. However, once it sprouts and starts to pollinate, the mold spores usually live in the air. Here is where they are intercepted and held on the filters.

Can you clean the shark air purifier filter?

Shark air filters have been designed to allow the user to wash them by rinsing them in clean cold water. The primary filter should be washed at least once a month and the hepa filter once a year if the usage rate is low. It will not affect the air cleaner service.

How long does the shark air purifier filter last?

A standard shark air purifier filter is set to last 4400 hours from the first day you set it on. This means that it should last you approximately 6 months if you are using it continuously. It should however last longer if you use it seasonally.

Do shark air purifiers produce ozone?

No, they do not. Shark air purifiers do not have ionizers that are known to be the sole cause of the ozone. You are therefore assured that all shark air purifiers are ozone free.

How long does the shark air purifier take to work?

For most of them, it takes approximately 12 minus to work on rooms of 300 sq. ft. However, you need to keep in mind that the room size, type of shark air purifier model and the filter size determines the time it will take to work.

Where should I put my shark air purifier?

The most advised places to put your shark air purifier is close to the source of the air in the house like windows and it should be a few centimeters from the ground. This is to handle the air as it comes in and at the same time not concentrate on the dirt and fumes lock that is on the ground.

Why does my shark air purifier always say 100%?

The shark air purifier will always say 100% since that is how it has been manufactured to work. Its aim is to keep the air at 100%. In cases where it senses some impurities, it will automatically adjust itself using the touch controls to handle the air. This way, the air that you breathe as long as the purifier is on should be 100%.

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The shark air purifiers 4 vs 6 reviews are a show of how air cleaners deal with dirt, dust and even advanced odor lock with the air quality sensor that they have on their own capacities. Understanding both Shark 6 and Shark 4 allows you to choose wisely while getting alternative options.

You are sure you will cut down on electricity usage and all of them have a touch control panel and remote control to ease your working.

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