Does Levoit Air Purifier Give Off Radiation? 2024

One of the biggest problems that people have is deciding whether the brand that you are using; in this case, Levoit, gives off radiation or not. This is because of the numerous reports and beliefs that any amount of radiation is bad for your health.

However, it is the levels of radiation that determine the effect it will have on you. Therefore, you can rest assured that Levoit air purifiers do not give off dangerous levels that could lead to negative effects as discussions try to prove.

Does Levoit Air Purifier Give Off Radiation

Radiation is one of the key factors that anyone who is getting an air cleaner should keep in mind to ensure that you get the best out of what you want. It is to ensure that you have a clean, ozone-free environment after filtering the air in your room.

How does Levoit air purifier work?

If this is your first time using the Levoit air purifier you should know how it works and why people prefer this brand over the others. It is the only way you will understand how effective it is in cleaning the air that you want to breathe.

The Levoit air purifier has a three-stage filtration system that removes 99.97% of the airborne contaminants. The first stage has the prefilter which removes all large particles including pet dander and dust.

There is the true hepa filter that holds the small particles like smoke and pollen then there is the activated carbon that removes the smells and VOCs in the air.

How to filter radiation from the air using Levoit Air Purifier

The air purifiers have the uncanny ability to remove harmful particles from the air from basic dust and dirt to harmful radiation particles. Levoit air cleaners make use of the HEPA filter that allows them to not give off radiation particles into the air after purification.

The HEPA filter has the UV-C light section that releases electromagnetic energy charging up the air inside the air purifier. The radiated particles are then attracted to the charged ions separating them from the air that is being cleaned.

The air is then released without the impending possibility of radiated particles being present in that air. It is this feature of the Levoit air purifier that ensures it does not give off radiation into the air.

What are the Levoit air purifier side effects?

There have been so many studies both right and wrong that have tried to show that there are some effects of using the Levoit air purifier over others.

The fact is that yes there could be some effects depending on the area you are in, your health status, and also how long you have been using the air purifier.

All these are factors that greatly complement the possibility of you reacting to the air purifier that you have chosen. You must understand them and find possible solutions in case it happens.

The air purifier ideally changes the normal air pressure and quality in your home. This is more specifically if it is the first time you are using it. Your body will then automatically react causing you headaches, breathing problems, coughing, and in some extreme cases, asthma attacks.

What causes the side effects from the Levoit air purifier?

Many people do not understand how air purifiers work. For them, it is dirty air in, clean air out. However, apart from air cleaning, air purifiers have several other features to it.

The materials that the air cleaners are made out of are non-biodegradable which means that once you dispose of them, either you find a way of recycling them or they end up as junk in your backyard and over time it pollutes the environment.

The filters need constant cleaning for you to maintain the air quality that you need and avoid the giving off of radiation into the air. When the air cleaner is dirty, it won’t be able to attract dirt from the air. You will then get more amounts of contaminants released into the air more often.

One other thing is that once your body gets used to such clean and purified air, you should be ready for when you go to places that do have the same air quality. You will also get some levels of breathing problems due to the changes in air quality.

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Do Levoit air purifiers release unsafe levels of EMF radiation?

No, they don’t. The Levoit Air Purifier uses a Brushless DC motor that is known for its low amounts of electromagnetic radiation when it is turned on. It also has an improved metallic casing that works well in reducing radiation.

Most of the other air purifiers do release EMF radiation depending on the material that it has been made of. It is important to ensure that you confirm this before purchasing one if at all you are sensitive to them.

Levoit air purifier cancer warning

Cancer has been linked to the levels of ozone that many air purifiers use to try and kill the bacteria and germs in the air. Therefore, all the users of air purifiers are warned of impending cases of cancer when they keep using ozone-emitting air purifiers.

However, the HEPA filtration system is so effective that the ozone particles that are supposed to be released are captured in large amounts. Therefore, none of the particles are released into the air after purification.

Do Levoit air purifiers emit ozone?

The difference between these Levoit air purifiers and others is that Levoit makes use of the UV-Light in the purifier to clean the air.

The air that comes through the air purifier is cleaned off any contaminants including the ozone particles themselves that can only be found inside the air purifier.

No, Levoit air purifiers do not emit ozone into the air. Instead, they make use of the ozone inside the air purifier and do not emit it to the external environment that the air cleaner is trying to make safer.

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What are the ionizer air purifier side effects?

Ionizer air purifiers charge air particles making them ions through the power of electricity found in grids inside the metal plates of the ionizer.

This could be negative or positive. These ions are what are then used to remove the dust and other airborne contaminants from the unclean air.

One other external effect of the ionizer is that it exposes the air to ozone gas which is known to be a major cause of lung cancer among people today. The UV light that it uses produces radiation levels that in some of the ionizers are harmful.

However, some brands have been made that regulate the amount of ozone that is released making it more effective for the human lungs.


Does Levoit air purifier give off radiation is a great question that should be asked by anyone thing of purchasing a Levoit air cleaner. Understanding the effects that electromagnetic radiation could have on the air that we breathe is an important thing in ensuring that you get the air quality that is recommended.

Its ability to work around EMF radiation, Ionization, and cancer probabilities helps you to decide whether the brand that you are taking works for you or not.

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