Do air purifiers cause sinus problems? 2023

No, they do not. Air purifiers reduce the possibility of infections caused by the contaminants in the air. They do not in themselves lead to sinus problems among the users.

Do air purifiers cause sinus problems

According to the extensive research that people have carried out over the years, we are confident when saying that air purifiers do not cause sinus problems. Instead, they are very vital in the fight against sinus and eczema issues that many people today are struggling with.

Breathing clean indoor air is important in handling issues like dry throat, sore throat, sinus problems, nasal congestion that is caused by other allergens in the air. Most of the sinus problems, nasal congestion and breathing problems that people have nowadays are caused by the increase in pollution in the air.

Air purifiers work on cleaning the air using hepa filter system to reduce the rate of nasal congestion that arises from the particles in the air resulting in breathing problems. Going through this article is a perfect way to answer the question of do air purifiers cause sinus problems or not to the people who use it.

You will realize in the conclusion, air purifiers work to reduce sinus infections through improving the indoor air quality to reduce allergies. Understand how some of the air purifiers work and how they remove allergens and pollutants in the air to improve health is the basic step.

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Best Air Purifier for Sinus Problems

Some of the best air purifiers for sinus problems specifically work on removing other allergens and air pollutants clearing the nasal passages to remove any nasal congestion. Many people think that air purifiers cause sinus problems by releasing dry air that leads to irritated sinuses and breathing problems but it all depends on how you look at it.

The air purification system works on removing pollutants causing sinus problems and allergies on the nasal passages resulting in difficulty breathing clean air.

1. The Instant air purifier

Do air purifiers cause sinus problems

The Instant air purifier is 8.68.613.5 inches in size which is small enough to allow you to move around with it easily. The thing about this air cleaner is it banks on the Hepa 13 system which works against 99.97% of the air pollutants like mold, dust, pollen, dust mites and bacteria in the air using the Plasma Ion Technology that acts on the ions in the air.

The power of this air cleaner works on rooms of 630 square feet rooms that could be cleaned 5 times in one hour. The auto mode system that it has been fitted helps you know when the air quality is bad, when you need to replace the filter, and even adjust the fan speeds when you need to.   

It works against the smells and odors that could be in the room because of the activated carbon filter that is present in the filter system. Your sinus problems will no longer be a big issue for you even when you need to go to sleep which is known to be the times that it is triggered.


  • It covers large rooms
  • It is portable
  • Whisper silent technology for sleeping mode


  • It is not available in Indiana

2. The TCL air purifier

Best Air Purifier for Sinus Problems

 The TCL air purifier is one of the few air cleaners that have touch technology that helps you serve small to medium rooms of 322 square feet easily. The pre-filter system that is in this air cleaner is one that allows you to not only deal with the pollen, mold, dust mites, allergens, and smells but also the VOCs that have a strong way of triggering your sinus problems.

It has been fitted with a unique 360 degrees clean system that prevents any blind spots that could occur in the house. It also has a multi-color ambient setting that helps you set a mood as per your preference.

Together with the whispering noise, timer settings, and panel lock feature, you are assured of a restful night with little to no disturbance.


  • It has the 360-degree clean system
  • Multi color ambient settings
  • Serves small to medium rooms


  • It is not very silent

3. The Fellowes air purifier

The Fellowes air purifier

The Fellowes air purifier is an example of a few 600 square feet air cleaner that is not only controlled by the touch system but also has the ideal size of 12.5 pounds to handle the working ability.

It has the unique property of having the 4 stages hospital-type filtration system used more in health institutions with AeraSmart sensors to help gauge the value of the air to effectively adjust the fan speed according to the quality of the air.

The Hepa filter system has area-safe technology that aids in the processing of the 99.97% of air pollutants including dust, mold, dust mites, allergens, and pollen. It also has Plasma Technology that helps in the ionization of the air to clean the air effectively. This makes it the best air purifier for sinus problems.


  • It covers large rooms
  • It is portable
  • Has the 4-stage hospital


  • It is completely automated

4. Alen brand air purifier

Alen brand air purifier

Alen brand air purifier is an option air cleaner that is powered by either Ac or Dc power with a Hepa filter system to help in the cleaning of the air around you.

It covers rooms of up to 700 square feet against dust, dust mites, pet dander, pollen and odors that could be contributing factors to the sinus infections that you have been having.  

The brushed stainless design helps to fit it into any room without having to change the theme or design setting. The B4 pure flex filters remove all the antimicrobial compounds that trigger asthma, sinus problems and seasonal allergies.

The medical grade hepa filter works on 99.99% of the allergens like pollen that sticks to the nose mucus with filters that last up to 5 months of effective service. You are then assured of clean air even when you are in a contaminated environment or around people who enjoy smoking.


  • It works in large rooms
  • It is the B4 pure flex filters
  • Uses either Ac or Dc power.


  • can only last 5 months

5. Alen air purifier

Alen air purifier

Alen air purifier is one of the battery-powered air purifiers that are quite heavy to accommodate the powerful force that it has to maintain. It has a touch control system that makes it more convenient for most people.

Laser smart sensor technology that senses when the air quality changes allow it to adjust the fan speed to cater to the changes. This makes it perfect option among the air purifiers for your sinuses.

 It works with B7 fresh filters whose high concentration of activated carbon helps to absorb not only the odors but also the smoke from cigarettes. The medical grade filters have the ability to clean 99.99% of the pollutants like pollen and allergens in the air preventing sinus problems.


  • Vacuumable filters for increased filter life
  • It has the B7 fresh filters system


  • It is heavy
  • Only battery powered

Best hepa air purifier for eczema

Finding out the best hepa air purifier for eczema is determined by the air purifier placement in the house or room. Other breathing problems that you can get are like the eczema that is triggered by the amount of pollutants and the changes in moisture due to the humidity levels changing often.

The air purifiers’ work through air purification from bacteria, pollen, smoke, mold, dust mites and dust from the air that remains in the skin surface causing allergies symptoms and dry skin over time.

6. Medify air purifier

Best hepa air purifier for eczema

Medify air purifier is unique because of its light weight of 4.4 pounds which allows you to move around with it easily. It is the perfect air purifier for when you have rooms of around 420 square feet easily with only 3 fan speeds that you can easily choose from.

 The HEPA filter air purifiers remove 99.9% of the airborne particles like dust mites are removed from the air cleaning it.  You can use it in rooms with the need for silence like the baby’s room or even your study room. The ultra-quiet mode allows it to be running in the background without any distractions.

You won’t even need any special training to help work it out since it is a very basic indicator and mode that anyone can set. The air purifier has filters that have to be replaced after 2500 hours and using the original replacement filters to ensure that you get the best service available and avoids sinus problems.


  • It is light in weight
  • Covers medium to large spaces
  • It has a simple control system


  • Works with only 3 fan speeds
  • Only original replacements fit in the air purifier.

7. The Molekule air purifier

The Molekule air purifier

The Molekule air purifier is an example of some of the best ac/Dc options for air cleaners that are easily controlled using an App that you get to install on your preferred gadget for easy control. It has an easy-to-use touch screen that makes it easy for anyone to set it initially. It is powerful enough to cover 600 square feet of rooms easily.

Scientifically it has the Photo Electromagnetically Oxidation nanotechnology that works on killing germs and viruses making the air clean reducing allergies. One other unique thing is that its silver and natural leather handle makes it setting in the house easily which prevents it from clashing with your theme in the house.


  • Covers large rooms easily
  • Uses the PECO technology
  • It does not clash with the room theme
  • Control using your preferred gadget


  • It use ozone purification

8. The Dyson air purifier

The Dyson air purifier

The Dyson air purifier has been preferred all over the country because of its voice command ability that makes controlling the air cleaner so much easier.  It also has this dual function that allows it to not only purify the air but also cool the heat during the summer season.

The hepa filter system air purifiers remove 99.97% of the pollutants which makes it perfect for people who have sinus infections because of the allergens in the air. The activated carbon layer helps to also remove any smells or odors that could be in the air resulting in asthmatic symptoms.

The air purifier has been automatically set so that you will get notifications and indicators when you need to change the filter, know the quality of the air at that time, and easily control it even from a separate room. It has 10-speed settings with no fast-spinning blades that make it safer when you need to change the filter or service the air purifier.


  • Control using voice-over command
  • It has the dual function ability to cool air
  • 10 fan speed settings for your choosing
  • No fast-spinning blades


  • it is not portable

9. Air Purifiers for Home Bedroom

Air Purifiers for Home Bedroom

Okaysou air purifier is a 6.6 pounds machine that can be powered using either ac/dc source. It serves room sizes of up to 580 square feet making it one of the few high-efficiency air cleaners in the market today. It even comes with a great year warranty when after you purchase it.

The air purifier has one of those washable and detachable pre-filters and activated carbon that work with 3 stage filtration to remove 99.97% of the allergens like pollen, dust, bacteria and smoke in the air causing sinus infections. These filters come in 4 options depending on the need you have for your home.

The purifier has a low sound of 24db which is part of the silent boost technology that not many of the air cleaners of this capacity have.  It has 3-speed settings that you can choose from, timer settings, and a filter indicator for when it is time to change the filter.
This air cleaner is unique in that it does not use UV-C light through ozone that is known to produce secondary pollutants in an attempt to remove allergens.


  • Serves medium to large rooms
  • No ozone usage
  • 4 different filter options


  • Only 3 fans speeds

10. The molecule air purifier

The molecule air purifier

The molecule air purifier works with both the Ac and the Dc power which makes it more convenient anywhere you go. It works with the PECO system which is the Photo Electromagnetically Oxidation technology that helps kill and remove the pet dander, viruses and bacteria found in the air.

The purifier system has worked on rooms as large as 600 square feet with a control system that you get to control using a Wi-Fi connection to your preferred gadget of choice on your android app. It is preferred because of its smaller size which makes it portable and more efficient when you need to travel.


  • Uses app controls
  • Has the PECO technology system
  • It works on large to medium room size
  • It has a small size


  • it uses ozone filtration

What is eczema?

Eczema is a skin reaction whose symptom is excessive drying up and cracking that could be caused by lack of moisture in your body or the reduces levels in the air around you. Air purifiers can help to not only cool the air reducing the evaporation of the moisture but also remove pollutants in the indoor air that might increase the problem.

 Do air purifiers work for eczema?

Yes. Air purifiers are perfect for people who constantly are affected by eczema. The cleaning of the air pollutants in the indoor air reduces the contaminants that are known to be the reason why people get eczema even in private spaces. Air purifiers cause the symptoms of the allergies and sinuses issues to reduce and disappear over time.

 Is air good for eczema?

Yes, clean air is good for the eczema reaction. The pollutants propagate the reaction in the air that cause blockages and interruptions with the normal body functioning. Air purifiers give access to clean air, helps to prevent this reaction and if already happened, the reactions can be easily fought and the reaction time greatly reduced.

A humidifier helps to reduce the air dry conditions that leads to cracked nose skin limiting the person on their breathe ability. An air purifiers does not dry air but only works on the contaminants.

 How do you know you have sinus problems?

Sinus issues are common considering the increase in pollutants affectng the sinuses in the air today. You will experience symptoms like difficulty breathing, asthma, nose hurt, nasal pain, sore throat, nasal congestion that results in your breathing of odors, dust, smoke and even mold into your nose and into your nasal cavity.

What instances can air purifiers cause eczema or sinuses problems?

Reports have shown that only 0.01% of instances could lead to sinuses issues. This includes when the air purifier have been placed directly facing your face when you are sleeping or sitting extremely close to the air purifier while it is on.
The changes in fan speed could be what lead to the changes in humidity and mucus level in your sinuses that leads to the irritations and allergies.

What are sinuses?

Sinuses are the hollow paths between your eyes that are responsible for sending air into your brain from your nose. When you start experiencing symptoms of irritated sinuses you will have nose pains, constant nose bleeds and breathing problems because the mucus in the pathway has been tampered with. This is where an air purifier comes in.

Can air purifiers make your allergies worse?

Air purifiers are ideally supposed to help out with seasonal allergies symptoms, asthma and sinus problems and the reactions that we normally have every day especially in the indoor air we breathe.

However, there are some people who have an increased reaction when they react with ionizer purifier because of the ozone gas released in the ozone generators.  This is why it is important to know what exactly you are reacting with to choose an air purifier that serves you.

Can an air purifier dry you out?

 No, air purifiers naturally do not dry air in normal situations. Air cleaners do not work against the moisture levels in the air therefore the chances of them drying the air are low. However, the constant charging of the air particles will reduce the humidity levels to some small extent which finds its way to your sinuses. 

The winter seasons cause more allergies because of the dry air compared to most of the others making it the worst times to use a humidifier to alter with the humidity.

Do air purifiers help with eczema?

Yes, air purifiers help with eczema. Eczema is a basic reaction caused by allergies that many people have to when they breathe the pollutants in the air despite the humidity and moisture levels. Air cleaners naturally remove the pollutants reducing the possibility of you making contact with the air contaminants brewing up eczema symptoms reaction.


Answering the question “do air purifiers cause sinus problems” is the same as questioning can air purifiers do their job. In conclusion air purifiers work to handle difficult breathing issues that could affect the sinuses, throat and nose leading to asthma, nasal congestion and allergic reactions.

In most cases, it leads to an increase in mucus, dry throat, sore throat, sore nose, and even nosebleeds due to the dry air getting in contact with your sinuses. Air purification systems work on removing pollutants to improve the health statistics of people whether or not it uses the ozone system or not whether they have dehumidifier or humidifier options to it.

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