Top 10 Best Air Purifier for Mold and Dust Mites

The best air purifier for mold and parasites is the material that you need to have to ensure that your family is safe and protected. This is more important if you have to live around tropical areas that have numerous trees and warm wet climates.

This article is out to help you understand the best air purifiers for mold and dust mites that work to help to maintain the value of your indoor air quality at all times and keep the health of your family members in check.

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  • Best Overall
    61spD brSlL. AC SL1500

    Air purifier with air quality monitor

    1. It is perfect for large spaces
    2. It has the clean air ionizer
    3. It has 5 stages of air cleaning, unlike others that have three.

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    61WmzKB3whL. AC SL1500

    keylitos air purifier reviews

    1.It covers large rooms well enough
    2. It has a great speed of covering large rooms within a small amount of time
    3. Simple to work and control.

How to choose the best air purifier for mold and dust mites

Mold and dust mites are a nuisance that if you allow in your home, you will suffer the consequences ten-fold. The best option you can ever get is to prevent them or kill them as early as possible to help preserve your things in the house.

When you decide to choose the best air purifier for mold and dust mites, you should know that all the options here are certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) which is very important for you to be assured that it works and not here-say.

However not all air purifiers work in the same way.
Some of the important things that you need to consider when you are choosing this specific gadget are the size of the room it can work with, Price,

Does it kills or only capture them and the high CADR (clean air delivery rate). It should be at an affordable price for you to allow you to maintain your health.

An air purifier that kills dust mites

Most air purifiers that kill dust mites also capture allergens, pet dander, mold spores and volatile organic compounds.

However, not all of them offer this service. The True Hepa air filters work to ensure it captures them and eventually kill them.

1. Mila Air purifier

Best Air Purifier for Mold and Dust Mites

The Mila Over-reactor is an amazing option for one that kills the dust mites. Its ability to provide a very clean environment considering it has a size of 121215 inches. It is however a light weight, at only 1.25 pounds which makes it very easy for you to move around with it.

This air purifier is very powerful in that it is known to hold the very things that could be in the air. It works with an H14 hepa purifier and modified granular carbon of 1.25 making it the most effective neurotic filter on the market.

It works with up to 560 square feet within 30 minutes with a high CADR rating of 254m3/hr.
It has a modern control (bubble boy) that allows you to maintain low levels of AQI (air quality index) and the amount of work that it has been able to do.

It also has a white noise sleeping mode that allows you to sleep better and comfortably. It has several features like turndown service, voice over control, energy save mode, and even child-lock that is functioning on any gadget


  • It kills the dust mites and not just capturing
  • It is light in weight
  • It works with modern controls
  • Has a child lock feature


  • Has a more complex filter system
  • It is not very silent in sleep mode

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2. Silver Onyx Air Purifier

61spD brSlL. AC SL1500

The Silver Onyx Purifier is an amazing option that is perfect for traveling with 2.32 kg and 10.510.516.5 inches in size. It is a perfect option if you happen to have bigger spaces cleaning out even up to 500 square feet which are relatively bigger than other purifiers.

It works with an H13 hepa charcoal filter that holds 99.97% of every dust, smoke, fiber, and hair in the air. It has the 5 stages of air cleaning that include the pre-filter, carbon filter, UV light, and Ion generator.

There is an easy-to-push button that has access to the 5 powerful fan air speeds, a built-in ionizer, an on-off timer, and an indicator that lets you know when it’s time to change the filter.

It has been fitted with the Clean Air Ionizer that combines the power of the ionizer, UV light and the activated carbon filter, and a 2.5 Pm (particulate matter) to ensure that you have the highest value of airflow consistently regardless of the presence of the other pollutants.


  • It is perfect for large spaces
  • It has the clean air ionizer
  • It has 5 stages of air cleaning, unlike others that have three.


  • It works with more complex controls than others.
  • It occupies more space because of its size

3. A Famree Air Purifiers

A Famree Air Purifiers

The Famree Air Purifier FA500 is one of the largest purifiers in the market with a size of 2112.64 inches and a special handle to allow you to handle the purifier better.

This size allows it to work with a powerful motor of 57W which means it has the speed to clean large rooms in a short time. Its noise levels can also go as low as 25db which is more like whisper noise in the background.

It is fitted with an upgraded HEPA filter that is more effective when it comes to cleaning the room off dust mites and mold apart from the gases and other allergens in the air.

The filter also needs to be changed often which is why you need the built-in-replacement feature. Apart from the filter, there is a 2.5PM infrared sensor that changes in color every time the air quality changes.

What we love about the Famree model is so modern that it runs on touch control with allowance or WI FI controls that allow voice controls and even APP control, unlike other purifiers.

This is very effective since it works with large rooms or up to 1320 square feet in one hour. You don’t have to keep making trips to the purifier when you want to alter it in any way.


  • it has the upgraded Hepa filter
  • It can clean large rooms in a short amount of time.
  • It has a colour changer system that helps to know when air quality changes.
  • It has modern controls


  • It is large compared to others
  • The filter needs to be changed often.

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Dust mite air purifier reviews

There are many air purifiers that could work in helping you serve your purpose. However, there are so that have been rated higher than the other air purifiers.

When it comes to dust mites you need to consider the AirFree filterless purifier which has been known to be the best.

4. AirFree T800 Air Purifier

Dust mite air purifier reviews

The AirFree is one of the smallest options in the market with a 6614 inches in size and 1.7 pounds in weight. It is perfect for any room even when you are having pets or kids.

The silence of the purifier makes it very convenient for any space, office, or work.
It works with the Thermodynamic Technology that works on how your air is getting clean using heat though you won’t feel the room getting hot.

It is great because it also means that it does reduce any indoor ozone levels. This means that you don’t have to fear that ions or harmful products will fall back into the air. This is perfect for removing dust mites.

Unlike other options in the market, this one used filter-free technology that has no fans or filters in its system. Ideally, this costs you less when it comes to energy consumption while at the same time reducing the costs of replacement of the parts when the need arises.

Once you buy it and plug it in, you won’t have to worry about it again.

The fact Because you won’t have to keep opening it after a few months, you are assured that the design is compact and simple to be used anywhere. Its ultra-disinfection system is top-notch to help hold against dust mites at any time.


  • It is small in size
  • It has no filters that need changing every single time
  • It uses thermodynamic technology to clean the air


  • It costs slightly more than the rest
  • It works for small rooms

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Best air purifier for mold spores

All the air purifiers can handle mold spores and dust. However, you need to find out an air cleaner that not only works to help make the air better but at the rate that you would prefer.

This is regardless of whether it is a small room with larger particles in the air or not.

5. Levoit Core 300 Air Purifier

Best air purifier for mold spores

Levoit Air Purifier core 300 is an amazing option for mold because of its size which is 8.78.716.25 inches and 7.48 pounds. This allows it to clean up large amounts of air in one cycle easily.

Its size prevents it from using UV-C light to clean up the air since it increases its chances of secondary pollution of other particles.

Instead, it uses the VortexAir Technology and 360 air intake allowing it to clean up to 547 square feet in 30 minutes. It can only function this way thanks to the special powerful motor that it is fitted with.

It has the QuietKEAP technology that ensures that it works is to a whisper level noise allowing you to sleep and work in a good environment while it works in the background.

With the VortexAir technology filters alongside the hepa pre-filters and the high efficiency activated carbon filter you are assured of 99.97% of the particles removed including molds.

Here you get to choose the replacement filter types that best suits you. You can get Toxin Absorber for the mold, a Smoke remover, or a Pet allergy filter.

The exciting thing is that even with its size, it is pretty enough to be matched in either a smaller room or large room comfortably despite the décor.

You just need to set one of the timer durations and enjoy amazing clean air throughout.


  • It works with large rooms
  • It is very quiet considering the QuietKEAP technology
  • You choose the filter options that you want


  • One filter cannot work in all cases
  • The advanced technology may be too much for small room spaces

6. Hathaspace Air Purifier

Hathaspace Air Purifier

Hathaspace is a more unique brand of air purifiers. This one has a size of 13720 inches and a weight of 12 pounds. Considering the size that it comes in, it works with a 5-in-1 filter system that captures 99.9% of the allergens in the air.

It uses the True Hepa Filter system that ensures even the odors and the mold in your air have no chance. It uses a honeycomb-activated carbon filter that is perfect for this job and that is why it is known as the Honeywell air purifier. It also has an amazing state-of-art fan and motor that boosts the functioning of this purifier.

There is the auto-mode feature that allows it to sense when it needs to adjust which helps when there is a certain increase in an allergen in the air or other large particles. It will also cause the purifier to increase its fan speed to keep up with the need to have clean air all through.


  • It has the 5-in-1 filter system
  • It has an auto-mode feature


  • it is heavier compared to others

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7. Keylitos Hepa filter Air Purifier

Keylitos Hepa filter Air Purifier

The Keylitos Air Purifier has an advanced system that helps it to cover spaces of around 560 square feet easily. Its effectiveness is important when you have highly allergic people around the house.

All you need is to find the perfect setting and let it work for you easily.

The H13 true hepa filter with activated carbon filters removes over 99.9% of the airborne contaminants even mold leaving the air clean and safe.

This is vital especially when you are preventing respiratory problems or asthma symptoms in small rooms.

You can adjust the noise levels though it will only be able to go as low as 28db which is not loud but silent enough to allow you to sleep well at night. Such low levels also ensure that it is on energy-saving mode which is more economical.


  • It covers large rooms well enough
  • It has a great speed of covering large rooms within a small amount of time
  • Simple to work and control.


  • Its noise goes only as low as 28db.

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8. Levoit Vista 200 Air Purifier

Levoit Vista 200 Air Purifier

The Levoit air purifier Mila air purifier is a great air purifier since it has a size of 121215 inches and a weight of 1.25 pounds. This size has not prevented anyone from using it. In fact it has been fitted with sleep timer save mode, turndown service and the built-in child lock.

It has the overreactor filter that is known to be the best filter in the market. It works with the target AQI (air quality index) to ensure that the air level that you wanted is achieved and the time it will take.

It also has modern controls (bubble boy technology) that help you stay connected to your purifier through wi fi from anywhere in the house. This includes voice over controls and any smartphone app gadget that you are using.

It works with the H14 true Hepa filter and 1.25 granular carbons which makes it the most neurotic filters that offers you a high CADR rating of 254m3/hr. Such settings help you work with both small and big rooms.

The great things is that it has been set to sense on its own when it needs to work even when you are away from the room.

One other distinct feature is the lifesaving CO sensor for your health apart from the unique external feature that it has.


  • An amazing bamboo design that allows you to place it anywhere in the house
  • It is light in weight
  • It has the AQI feature for air quality


  • It will continue to work even when there is no need for it too.

Best air purifier for dust mites

There are options of air purifier that work against allergens like dust; pollen and most importantly dust mites.

The air cleaners and air purifiers work with the true hepa filters to ensure that the dust mite don’t have anywhere to go. You need to find the best hepa air purifiers for the job.

9. Blueair Dust Magnet 5410i Purifier

Best air purifier for dust mites

BlueAir Dust Magnet is the most effective when it comes to noticing and working with the possibility of dust mites and allergens in the air.

It works by using the vortex airflow and the pre-filter to create an electromagnetic charge that holds the dust before it settles on the ground.

The purifier has a simple approach that allows you to control its function through voice controls, an LED indicator, and an auto mode that allows you to set it once and continue with your other jobs without any issue.

The DustMagnet works with the Hepa silent technology to ensure that you get the clean fresh air that you need for up to a period of 1 year before you need to make any replacements on the purifier. The activated carbon is perfect in ensuring even odors and sells are no longer there.

The BlueAir has a perfect design that despite the size, you can comfortably use anywhere in your house. It is however not that silent even when you activate the sleep mode which should allow you to sleep or work with no noise.


  • It uses the dust magnet technology
  • Dual-use design that can also be a table


  • It only attracts and holds the mites and does not kill them.

Best air purifier for mold and bacteria

The best air purifiers for indoor air quality should include quality hepa air purifier and hepa filter that works against the mold and the bacteria for energy star rating.

10. Oransi Large Room Air purifier

Best air purifier for mold and bacteria

The Oransi purifier is a unique model in the market, especially with its large size of 141425 inches and 18 pounds in weight. This size allows it to cover large spaces of up to 1250 square feet with 2 changes in an hour.

It has what is called Industry-Standard no air pass-by which ensures that no air in that room passes without getting purified by non-ozone air that always has the potential for secondary pollution. On low power, it can save to 90% of the original power that it could have used making it very economical.

Oransi works with Medical Grade True Hepa filters (MERV17) that work to omit 99.4% of the particles in the air. This works for fine particles, smoke, and even gases like methane and sulfur. You will no longer have to go through the whole allergic reactions and respiratory congestion issues.

It is the quietest purifier in the market going as low as 20db. The EC motor technology helps to make sure even the fan noise is heard.


  • The most economical air purifier
  • It covers large room spaces at a time


  • It is large in size and weight

11. Pure Enrichment Air purifier

Pure Enrichment Air purifier

The Pure enrichment air purifier is a great option since you can use both the corded electricity and battery power if you are in a place without electricity. It comes in 10.86.912.1 inches in size with a 6-pound weight range.

It makes use of the 3 stage purification that involves a pre-filter and activated carbon filter, true HEPA filter, and UV-C Light whose aim is to ensure that viruses and bacteria have been removed to 99.9% of small particles and negative ions. You will even get the UV-C light bulb during purchase.

It has a touch screen control that works by working around 3 fan speeds, and also timer settings that help in the energy-saving ability. The controls are simple and easy and anyone can try setting it without any manual or guide.


  • It uses both corded and battery forms of power.
  • It is easy to work with and control.


  • It works with the 3 stage filter system

12. Oransi Hepa Air purifier

Oransi Hepa Air purifier

The Oransi Finn purifier here is smaller with a size of 12.758.7524 inches with 12 pounds in weight. The UV purifier makes it a great option when it comes to handling dust mites in any of the rooms that you would want to place it. It covers a space of around 400 square feet per hour.

It has an added benefit of a unique purifier since it has a washable pre-filter and a V-Hepa filter with mini-pleats that is unique. It will however be able to work well enough to make sure that every air you breathe is clean especially with the fan speed that it has.

Its display is creatively made that allows you to hang it on walls, corners, or on top of cupboards to ensure it is out of the way. It also has an electronic control that allows you to handle the purifier better and alert you when you need to change the filters.

It is, therefore, the best option for small spaces like the kid’s bedrooms because of its high Cadr rating.


  • It has a V-hepa filter which is unique.
  • Its design allows you to place it even on the walls in the house


  • It is heavier than most of the others
  • It works with small sizes of room.

Do air purifiers help with dust mites, Pollen, Mold, or Pet Allergy symptoms?

Yes. Air purifiers have a special way in which apart from attractions and hiding the dust mites and allergens, they ensure that the health of the people in that room is maintained.

This way, the body is in a position to fight the effects that the dust, pollen, mold and pet dander would have on them.

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