10 Best Air Purifier for 1200 sq ft [2023]

The best air purifier for 1200 sq ft are a great choice especially if you are working with large rooms. It could be rooms that are more than the 1200 sq. In either case, the options that are here are important in making sure that you get value for what you are buying.

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  • Best Overall
    71rMIIe0qZL. AC SL1500

    Air purifier 1200 sq ft

    1.It has the 5 stage filtration system
    2. The prefilters are washable
    3. It can go as low as 20db in noise during sleep mode.

  • Top Pick
    61kmlYhUDgL. AC SL1500

    Best air purifier for 1500 sq ft home

    1. It is smaller in size compared to the others
    2. It serves longer than other purifiers
    3. It has the c+ barrel filter technology

How to choose the best large room air purifier for 1200 sq. ft

When you decide that you need to get the best air purifier for 1200 sq.ft or more, you will need to keep in mind several vital things.

They are aimed to remove harmful chemicals and other more airborne particles even as large particles preventing air pollution.

Not all air purifiers will serve as an overall best air purifier because it will depend with the air filtration and ability to notice airborne pollutants quickly.

  • What is the CADR (clean air delivery rate)?
  • How big of room coverage are you aiming in square feet.
  • What type of filters are you talking about here to capture particles?
  • Can you easily access replacement filters?
  • Are they remote-controlled or is it manual control panel?
  • The maximum efficiency of the air purifier

Best Air purifier for 1200 sq ft house

Best air Purifier for 1200 sq ft houses is important since for large room air there are adults, kids and pets who live there. Such large capacity air purifiers should consider the room size and the cubic feet that it works best in for it to be an efficient air purifier. Best air purifier makes the work of any parent or host easier long run.

1. Shark HE601 Air Purifier

Best Air purifier for 1200 sq ft house

The shark air purifier is a great choice if you are looking to serve large room sizes. It has a slightly bigger size with 17.018.932.01 inches 20 pounds weight which assures you that it can handle the quantity of air. It can work in room spaces of up to 1200 sq ft.

It has micro-fans with 6 high-speed levels which increases the speed of clean air you receive. It has an auto mode that allows it to sense when the air quality is low and ease your control process by showing you results and reports in real-time. It comes with remote control.

It uses a Sharks anti-allergen filter that handles 99.98% hepa filter of the dust, ultrafine particles and air particles. It also has a more advanced odour guard on the filters that help against any smells.


  • It has 6 high speed options
  • It has unique standard hepa filters like the anti-allergen filter


  • It is slightly heavy preventing constant movement from one room to another

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2. Hejiko HJ-H23 Air Purifier

Hejiko HJ-H23 Air Purifier

Hejiko HJ-H23 Air Purifier is one of its kind types. It has a size of 12.86.821.7 inches size.
It has a 5 stage filtration system that consists of a washable filtration system, cold catalyst filter, activated carbon filter, H13 hepa filter and advanced adsorption filter capture.

It can work on large rooms of around 1000 sq. ft in 1 hour with a CADR of 220m3/hr. which is perfect for conference rooms or even event spaces.

It has a smart air quality sensor that has a built-in smoke and odour sensor. It will detect and display changes in quality which then adjust the speed of the air intake depending on the intensity of need.

It has a 4 wind speed and sleep timer mode features with a noise of around 20db. This also sets it on an energy-saving mode. It also has a child lock feature and a replacement timer that helps you know when you need to change them.


  • It has the 5 stage filtration system
  • The prefilters are washable
  • It can go as low as 20db in noise during sleep mode.


  • It can only serve rooms of 1000sq. ft. at a time.

3. Himox H04 Air purifier

Himox H04 Air purifier

The Himox H04 rosegold is a 12.37.320.8 inches air purifier with a 2.83 kg weight. This is a light option which helps you to move around with it easily from one room to another.

It can work in large rooms of up to 1200 sq ft in 1 hour easily. It is therefore perfect for your house.
It works on the 2.5 particulate matters by laser sensors and converts 1-500 reading the quality of the room.

It is this automation in its functioning that is the best for when you have kids and pets around.
The multistage filtration has the pre-filter, senior medical grade H13 HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter. It clears any dust, pet hair dander, tobacco smoke and formaldehyde.

It has the 3 smart modes which include auto mode, sleep mode with noise levels as low as 20db and adjustable timer which makes it the most energy-saving option you can get.

It works with 100% ozone-free functions which make it very safe and reliable even when you have kids around.


  • It is light in weight making it great for movement.
  • It works with the multistage filtration process.
  • It has noise levels as low as 20db.


  • It is not automatic with a remote control or touch screen.

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4. Coway Airmega 300 Air Purifer

Coway Airmega 300 Air Purifer

The Coway Airmega 300 air purifier is 21.4 pounds and 13.613.621.2 inches in size. This size allows you to fit it into rooms of 1200 sq ft houses with air circulations of twice per hour.

It uses the Max2 filter that works with the washable filters, activated carbon and the true hepa filter that works to hold all the pollutants, large particles and allergens. This helps to keep away the harmful and volatile organic compounds and fumes.

It has been fitted with an LED ring sensor that shows you how good or bad your air is in real-time all through the day. It has 5 fan modes and timers that also affect the noise level it depending on what you are doing in the house.

The speed will automatically change based on the need for fresh air in that room.
You will receive a warning when you need to change the washable pre-filter and the max2 filter.


  • It has 2 circulations of air every hour.
  • It uses the Max2 filter system
  • It has an LED ring sensor for knowing when the air is too polluted.


  • It is a large gadget that requires more effort to move around with.

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Best Air Purifier for 1200+ sq. ft. Extra Large Rooms

The best air purifiers for large room coverage are many but finding one that is great as anair purifier for 1200sq ft extra large room air purifier could take some time.

Such air purifiers have air filter that have to ensure that the indoor air quality level is perfect considering the room coverage.

5. Hestom Air Purifier

Best Air Purifier for 1200+ sq. ft. Extra Large Rooms

The Heston Air Purifier is an option that is 17.6 pounds and 111125.6 inches in size. This allows it to cover rooms of 1500 sq.ft with air changes twice in one hour.

It has been known to run for over 50,000 hrs. in its lifetime thanks to its more advanced motor that is from Japan.
It works with the 3-stage filter which is the primary filter, H13 standard hepa filter and carbon filter together with the C+ barrel filter technology that removes 99.97 of the junk material in the air leading to an improvement in health with than negative ion mode.

It has an auto mode that ensures that it sets the best speed out of the three that are available and the value of the pm 2.5 in real-time.

Its noise levels can only go as low as 36db even on sleeping mode with the display off. It also has the child lock settings which make it perfect for when you have kids or pets.


  • It is smaller in size compared to the others
  • It serves longer than other purifiers
  • It has the c+ barrel filter technology


  • It only has the 3 stage filter system
  • It can only go as low as 36db in noise level.

6. Cleanforce Air Purifier

Cleanforce Air Purifier

The CleanForce Air purifier is a large size purifier of 15.5514.5731.5 inches with 36.4 pounds. This is one of the biggest air purifiers on the market today.

It is helpful in the chance to work on room sizes of 4650 sq ft in one hour. The fun part is that it even works with a CADR of 1000m3/hr making it the best air purifier for 1200sq.ft extra large rooms.

It works with the medical-grade filtration that has a true hepa filter and H13 filters that will work against 99.97% of the materials in the air. The two plastic pre-filters and the two multi-integrated filter sets allow dual air intake and twin turbofans to clean up the air in the room.

Each set has non-woven fabric filters, h13 medical-grade filters and activated carbon filters.
The touch control allows you to set your preferences between the 4 fan speed that adjust themselves based on real-time air quality,

12-hour timer, sleep modes, 4 colours LED display, auto on-off and child lock. This is what makes it the easiest option available all at the click of a remote.


  • It handles rooms of 4650 sq. ft at a time.
  • It comes with two pre-filters and multi-integrated filters sets.
  • It has the twin turbo fans


  • it can only go as low as 35db on a noise level low setting.
  • It is heavier than many of the other similar ones.

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7. InvisiClean Claro Air purifier

InvisiClean Claro Air purifier

The InvisiClean is an effective air purifier for extra-large rooms. It has a size of 8.514.723.4 inches which is relatively small compared to others that works the same way.

It serves large room air of around 1500 sq ft in one hour change. Its CADR rate is 30m3/hr.

It works with the H13 true hepa medical-grade filter that works to clean 99.989% of the airborne pollutants. It has a powerful low EMF radiation DC motor that serves with 4 fan speed and uses almost 85% only of what other purifiers use in energy consumption.

This purifier is loved because it works on sensing when there are changes in the air and readjusts the setting automatically to serve the purpose. You will then get reports of the PM 2.5, temperature and humidity levels in real-time.

Apart from that it also has an ultra-quiet operation, optional ionizer and UV-C light with an accompanied bulb change indicator and sleep mode that allows it to run without any display light.


  • It has a bulb changer indicators
  • It is smaller in size making it more portable
  • It uses 15% less energy than the others.


  • Its CADR rate is lower than the others.

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8. Mooka GL-FS32

Mooka GL-FS32

This Mooka GL-FS32 6 point qualification air filter purifier is a unique one in that it serves 1750 square feet of space. It has a 6-point HEPA pre-filter and filtering system that is completely controlled by remote to allow more air into the filter.

The filtration system is made up of a pre-filter, hepa filter, activated carbon filter for household odors, VOC absorption particles, UV chamber and negative ion generator.

The advancements in the purifier make it unstoppable when it comes to removing any strange thing in the air. It works even in large room spaces of 1750 sq ft easily.

The auto air quality sensor allows you to know the state in which your air is at by showing colours to illustrate the extent: Blue-good, green-moderate, red-bad. The fan will therefore adjust depending on the pollution in the air.


  • It has the 6 point hepa filtration for all the air.
  • You can control it using a remote
  • It has color changes to show air quality


  • The sleep option is not very silent as you would have expected.

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9. Koios Air Purifier

Koios Air Purifier

The Koios Air Purifier is a 14718 inches option that is present in the market too. This purifier is highly efficient because of the KOIOS true Hepa air purifier and carbon filter that covers up to 1420 square feet easily.

This means that its CADR is 330m3/hr. which is impressive for its size.
Its 3-stage purification will capture all the dust and airborne contaminants that will be present in the air.

It also works with the UV and Ionizer to remove hidden germs and viruses in the air by emitting negative ions and cleaning up the air.

It has an auto mode that monitors the air quality using a built-in sensor that will even change indicator lights, show you filter lifetime and allow you to choose between the 4 fan speed levels.

It can go as low as 28db with a fan power of 36W. It is completely energy-saving at this point and therefore very economical and energy-efficient.


  • It has a high CADR rate
  • It has a fan power of 36W
  • It has a small size compared to what it offers.


  • It covers spaces of 1420 sq ft maximum
  • It only has the 3 stage purification carbon filter

10. Gocheer Air Purifier

Gocheer Air Purifier

The Gocheer Air Purifier is a 15.9414.7631.89 inches gadget with a weight of 15.9kgs. With his size, you are assured that it works on a CADR of 1000. for a room of size 4410 square feet even when you set to lower speed functioning. It is, therefore, the best option when it comes to large rooms.

It makes use of dual H13 true hepa filters that are combined with activated carbon to ensure that you get the 99.97% clean rate for the air. The dual nature is perfect for ensuring better airflow and faster clean air. The pre-filter here is the washable type.

It is tagged with an advanced touch screen that allows you to play around with the 4 speeds, sleep mode, timers, and indicator for filters and child lock.

The touch screen has a smart app and Wi-Fi controls that allow it to adapt easily to the environment. You can easily change the controls to light up when needed especially at night when you need it off.

You will be able to get an extra layer of carbon filtration that helps the removal of odours and smoke called Dual Protection. This is apart from the 2 original filters that you will get in the process.


  • It has the dual H13 filtration system which has 2 carbon filters
  • Its CADR is of 1000
  • It works for large rooms of over 4000 square feet
  • It has the advanced control system


  • It weighs 15 kg.
  • Its size limits the mobility of the machine.

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11. Hathaspace Air Purifier

Hathaspace Air Purifier

The Hathaspace Air filter purifier has 16.549.4527.17 inches in size and 26 pounds in weight. It has a 5–n-1 filter system that works to clean the air off pet dander, dust and pollen.

The H13 true hepa filter clean out 99.97% of the allergens.
The H13 true hepa is a composite filter that comes with a washable pre-filter when you buy this gadget. No odours and VOCs will be left in the air after it has done its work.

It has the honeycomb activated carbon filter that does away with all the tobacco smoke, household odors and VOCs that could be in the air.

All this is made possible by the state of art fan and motor that works for whatever room that you wish to place it in to ensure that your body gets the best reactions to it that it needs. it is one of the most powerful air purifier in the market.


  • It has the 5 stage filtration system
  • It works with the honeycomb activated carbon filter and washable pre-filters
  • It has an improved fan system that boosts the working of the air purifier


  • It has a large size making it hard to move around

Benefits of an Air Purifier for 1200+ Square Foot

The benefit of an air purifier for large rooms is that they are more prone to airborne particles allergens, dust and even pet hair dander.

In most cases, such room coverage will host many people and you need air cleaners to avoid airborne infections or diseases from being shared when you look at the room size.

Does square footage matter air purifier?

Good air purifier considers square footage over everything. It is very important since it helps to let you know if that specific best air purifier will work for you.

The air purifiers for smaller rooms like bedrooms cannot handle hotels, conference rooms or even classes.

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Is it better to have one large air purifier or multiple small ones?

This will depend on how many rooms you are targeting. Small air purifier work is mainly for smaller rooms.

However, one large purifier can handle lager rooms and even more than one room coverage as long as it is close to it. The quality of the air may not clean faster though.


The best air purifier for 1200 sq ft rooms, homes or extra-large room is a great investment for you. When you consider the rate at which it tends to get contaminated faster, it is important to choose one that will serve your purpose, work with the expected cubic feet and also be budget-friendly during air filtration.

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