Top 8 Air purifier for hookah smoke 2023

Air purifier for hookah smoke is an effective gadget that we should all have if you live or work in spaces that has smoke particles constantly in the air. The smoke purifier acts as a good agent for cigarette smoke removal, smoke odors and bad smells from places that smokers frequent.

Other air purifiers often specialize on removing dust and smells. However, its ability to remove smoke, cigarette odors and particles makes it more effective especially in homes.

How to choose the best Air purifier for hookah smoke

Choosing a great air purifier for hookah smoke should be done carefully. I say this because many of these items are not cheap. There is also a good possibility that you will get quite a good number of substandard items. Not all air purifiers work the same way,

However, the most important thing is to make sure that your indoor air is void of cigar smoke particles, weed smoke, tobacco smoke, pet odors, pet dander, bad smells and the bacteria that comes with it.

The cadr rating and the air filtration system unit that involves activated carbon filter and true HEPA filter determine the effectiveness of the air purifier. This HEPA filter it offers clean air and removes cigarette smoke, bacteria and smell among many other things.

The best air purifier has carbon filters and HEPA units which is important when it comes to dealing with pet dander, large particles, smoke removal, cigarettes, tobacco, odors, hookah odor and contaminated air in spaces regardless of the size.

1. Levoit Core 300 air purifier

Air purifier for hookah smoke

It is a sleek design, ozone-free, high-performing air purifier with a VortexAir technology that works on cleaning rooms of up to 547 square feet in half an hour with a clean air delivery rate rating of 141 CFM. It has a weight of 6 pounds that allows working of powerful motors. It has multiple replacement filters that you get to choose depending on your need.

You no longer have to worry about sneezing, congestion or allergy symptoms with this True Hepa Air purifier which cleans 99.97% of the dust, pollen and smoke in the air. Your sleep, work or rest time is not interrupted with the near silent noise of 24db all the time.

The purifier has a design that is easy to blend and add to your home. The timed display light and filter indicator can be easily shut down when you don’t need it to prevent destruction. It has been verified and approved by the FCC and ETL proving its safety and usefulness and without any doubt, this is one of the best air purifier for hookah smoke.


  • It covers large rooms.
  • uses Vortex Technology


  • It has higher weight.

2. Levoit Vital 100 air purifier

Levoit Vital 100 air purifier

This air purifier is an ozone-free high performing air cleaner with a CADR rating of 130 CFM. It has a powerful motor that is important in its functioning. The 3 stage filtration cleans 99.97% of the airborne particles aided by the washable pre-filter to allow it last longer. It has a check filter indicator for when it is time to change the filters.

It is a perfect option for small spaces like kitchens or bedrooms to remove hookah smoke and cigarette smoke. With, the noise levels of 23db and timed display lights shut-off, you will rarely notice that it is even working reducing the possibility of distraction.

The compact design with top-facing air vents gives you the chance to place it anywhere in the room and still have it functioning. The filters however have to be replaced every 6-8 months depending on the rate of usage.


  • Low noise production
  • It is ozone free


  • it is not very portable

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3. Guardian AC5900WCA air purifier

Guardian AC5900WCA air purifier

This air purifier uses UV-C light to kill germs and reduce the VOCs those results in allergies. It has simple push buttons for control purposes. The HEPA 3-n-1 filtration unit with activated carbon filters,

The 13 pounds weight air cleaner allows it the power to cover rooms of 365 square feet making it larger rooms. You get to choose from 3 speeds depending on the rate of pollution in that room at that time regardless of whether it is cigar smoke, hookah odor or smells from household items.

You can get a pack of four filters for replacement unlike others that only provide one at a time making one of the best air purifier fo hookah smoke.


  • It makes use of the UV-C light
  • extra 3 filters during the purchase
  • great for large rooms


  • it is not portable

4. Levoit LV-H132 air purifier

Levoit LV-H132 air purifier

An ozone-free, high-quality air purifier that uses the HEPA 3-stage filtration system to reduce pollutants be offering premium filtration as long as you are using the original filters from the company. It can clear rooms of 516 square feet in one hour from small particles of smoke and contaminated air.

It has 2 night light setting that you choose according to your preference. Its 28W energy use is very efficient and safe. Low noise levels of 25db that is great for when you need no distraction using the whisper quiet technology.


  • it is a UV-C free air purifier
  • perfect for large rooms
  • it makes use of the whisper-quiet technology


  • it uses a lot of power

Air purifier for hookah smoke

5. GermGuardian-AC4825 air purifier

81OwCHKngUL. AC SL1500

The 4-in-1 purifier unit removes 99.97% of the pollutants including hookah odor and smoke using the true hepa filters system. It makes use of UV-C light to clear the germs and VOC in the air. It can clean rooms of up to 743 square feet in one hour.
It is an 8.55 pound corded electric air cleaner with a touch control method to make it easy for you to maneuver through it.


  • It has a 4 stage filtration system
  • uses touch method of control


  • not very portable
  • it has no backup power

6. Levoit Core 400S air purifier

71YRwDGNkWL. AC SL1500

It covers 990 square feet twice in one hour making it a large space air cleaner. The HEPA 3 stage filtration system cleans 99.97% of the smoke in the air among other particles. It has a whisper quiet mode of 24db that ensures you get her rest and sleeps that you need.
It uses the VeSync app that allows a PM2.5 display to allow you see the changes in air quality using the laser dust sensor scans. The hands-free command is connected to google assistant or Alexa.
It has different settings on speed modes that allow you to pre-set it depending on your preferred routine.


  • uses the Vesync app
  • works with large spaces
  • voice over control method


  • specific people can change the settings at a time

7. Blue Pure 411 Auto air purifier

Blue Pure 411 Auto air purifier

It has an automatic one-touch adjustment setting that reads the air quality and cleans it without your effort. It works on large room of 912ft2 in an hour. It removes 99.99% of the pollutants in the air reducing chances of allergies and asthma symptoms using the HEPA filtration standards.
It has very low noise of 18db with low power usage of 2W. it is controlled by touch method which makes it easier to work with. It has a CADR rating of 123 when it comes to smoke air purifiers.


  • touch control settings
  • ideal for large spaces
  • low noise generation


  • they are easily out of stock
  • the filters are not easily available

8. Medify-Medical Air Purifier

It has coverage of 1600ft2 in one hour making it perfect for large rooms. It works with the HEPA H13 filtration that works on 99.9% of the airborne pollutants. The filters have to be changed every 6 months.

It has 3 fan speeds running at 110 volts, 46Db on low which is not very silent. However, it has the option of dimming the light panel for sleep mode. The sleek touch operation panel, fan speed, filter replacement indicator and child lock features to help make it more convenient.


  • perfect for large spaces
  • it has 3 fan speed options


  • It is not a low noise air purifier

Smoke eater fan

1. Kotto Solder smoke absorber

Smoke eater fan

This fan can work in situations where you need to remove smoke, flux, solder fume or dust. It works best in workstations to ease dissipation of gases in the room. It is fitted with thick carbon filter with an RPM of 300 to work on fumes 5-6 inches from the fan.

It is a low energy consumption machine with removable smoke trap filters that works best in rooms without changing the heating levels in the house. It has rubber feet anchors for stability with a easy to use handle.


  • It is harmless to surfaces and clothes
  • Low energy power consumption
  • works in any temperature gauges


  • works better 5-6 inches away

2. Kulander Handy Carry solder smoke absorber


It comes with 4 pieces of 0.2 inches thick activated dense filters which work on absorbing fumes easily. It works on fumes 4-7 inches away for over 50,000 hours. The solder fan installed has less noise making the environment cooler and fresh with no distractions.

It is made of strong aluminum alloy material that is one of the safest extractors and powerful without using so much space. It is perfect for workshops with welding works, glass works, electronics, 3D printing, laser engraver, acrylic nails and jewelry making.


  • works in any environment
  • made of allow material
  • work for up to 50,000 hours


  • works for only 4-7 inches away

3. Hakko FA400-04 Bench Top ESD-Safe Smoke Absorber

Hakko FA400-04 Bench Top ESD-Safe Smoke Absorber

It has been designed to serve either standing or while laying down which is the more preferred and effective option of the two. It has the ESD materials that are safe in both design and make. It has 8g of effectively activated carbon filter that is easily replaceable and manageable.


  • it is perfect for welding workshops
  • it is portable


  • it only has 1 filter attached

Ceiling-mounted smoke eaters

1. Mold Monster smoke eaters

Ceiling mounted smoke eaters

The spray eater is an effective odor, musty and smoke remover that works in the house, boat, offices or even your car. It has Tea Tree Oil that masks the unwanted scents by infusing it with the Mother Nature smell.

The content in the spray eases your work 100% by ensuring that you don’t have to strain making so much effort and using so much power. Once you spray it generously, you are assured that the smell will disappear.

You however have to be constant when it comes to spraying to allow a permanent effect on the section of the place that you want to lose the bad smell.


  • it uses no power
  • it has a natural scent
  • you can use it anywhere you want to


  • need several applications for it to last longer

2. Tea tree smoke eater

Tea tree smoke eater

This is a 22 oz. travel spray bottle. It is perfect for areas that have clothes or even leather seats without risking the chances of them being destroyed. It deals with smoke, smells from clothes, shoes or even cigarettes.
It weighs 1.87 pounds with 10.674.492.95 inches in size.


  • it is harmless to clothes and surfaces
  • it is light and portable


  • it may leave a residue on leather surfaces

3. Mold Monster Lavender Smoke Eater air and surface spray

61F+DQ5R0hL. AC SL1500

It is a 4 oz. spray bottle that contains either oil or spray substance to help fight it. The more often you use the substance, the longer and stronger it will be for you.
The 3.27 ounces with inches product is light enough to carry it around. The tea tree oil with lavender scent is the perfect choice for when you want your space to be sweet and simple.


  • It comes in a lavender scent
  • it is portable
  • can either rub or spray it


  • it is only 118 ml

Smoke eater for home

4. Smoke eater air and surface purifying spray

Smoke eater for home

This is a 3.5oz, travel spray bottle that has the sandalwood vanilla essence in it. It has the size of inches size with tea tree oil that is effective in breaking down the smells and the odors that are there.
It is very effective that you can even use it on your pets and animals. Its small size of 3.17 ounces makes it very portable for even when you are going out.


  • It has the vanilla essence
  • Both oil or spray options


  • Easily out of stock

2. Allouncer Air purifier

Allouncer Air purifier

It works with the 3 stage filtration system with a HEPA filter and PM2.5 that removes 99.97% of the polluted particles like pollen, dust or dander. It has an aroma pad that you can pour some drops of your essential oil to freshen the air more with its high CADR rating.
It goes as low as 28 db in noise levels.

The display light can be turned off at night and a lock set that prevents your kids or pets from changing settings without knowing. With a 3 speed fan it can cover 642 ft2 in one hour. The sleek design allows it to blend in any room or space that you would want.
The filters have to be replaced every 6 months for better effectiveness to make it an effective removing smoke air purifier.


  • it covers large rooms
  • it comes with an aroma pad


  • Not very low noise levels

How effective are air purifiers in removing smoke?

The air purifiers are very useful when it comes to removing cigarette smoke and smoke odors using the activated carbon and charcoal filter to eliminate smoke and the bacteria particles that comes with smoking.

Can you get hookah smell out of a room?

Yes. You can choose between the sprays or the air purifiers to remove the hookah odor from smoking in the house. This is because it breaks down the particles of the smoke making it easier to remove cigarette smoke.


An air purifier for hookah smoke is a vital and important gadget that you should have in your office, home or even workshop. Some of the best air purifiers or sprays are only examples of good air purifiers if they are a quiet air purifier, can eliminate smoke, work in either medium sized rooms or large ones with the help of the HEPA filters to remove the hookah particles in the air.

Most of the best air purifier unit has a remote control that makes it easier for anyone to change settings when it comes to cleaning air.

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